CeRam-Kote® in the Offshore Industry


CeRam-Kote® 54® protects expensive and critical service equipment in the most severe enviroments

CeRam-Kote® 54® applications in the Offshore Platform Construction Industry include new construction on a Process Barge in Matagorda Bay, Texas and maintenance contracts on three large North Sea semi-submersible platforms in the Oseburg Field. CeRam-Kote® 54® is also used on recycled small and medium size platforms for major and independent oil producers in the Gulf of Mexico off Texas and Louisiana, and offshore Terengganu process equipment.

CeRam-Kote® 54® is an ideal coating system for the refurbishing of recycled platforms due to its high adhesion to surfaces with less than ideal surface preparation, which is a typical condition with recycled platforms. In many projects, inconsistent surface preparation techniques do not remove surface contaminates, old coating, heavily corroded areas and provide an anchor profile in areas with little rust prior to coating. With such inconsistent surface preparation, CeRam-Kote® 54®’s high adhesion, impact resistance and flexibility provides an excellent solution in a one-coat, two-pass system in contrast to the traditional primer, intermediate and top coat systems. CeRam-Kote® 54®’s inservice life is much longer with proper surface preparation.
Certain determining factors enter into the selection of coatings for the maintenance of platforms such as:
  • Interference with operations
  • Material cost
  • Application cost
  • Scaffold rigging and de-rigging time
The short process time required by CeRam-Kote® 54®’s one-coat, two-pass system allows for cost reduction and more importantly provides the oil company with the ability to maintain oil production revenues without excessive down time. Also, when contrasted to three-coat systems, CeRam-Kote® 54®’s one-coat, two-pass system offers less interference with operations for the rigging and de-rigging of scaffolding, surface preparation equipment and coating equipment.

Platform Structures and Equipment

CeRam-Kote® 54® is also versatile in its uses on the structure and equipment in all areas of the platform including:

  • Structures
  • Decks
  • Crew Quarters
  • Process Piping
  • Process Equipment
    - Compressors
    - Oil Separators
  • Cranes
  • Heliports
  • Boat Landings
  • Templates
  • Jackets
  • Blowout Preventers
  • Cable Reel Units
  • Production Risers
  • Guide Tubes
  • Subsea Equipment
The world’s largest fabricators and coating applicators use CeRam-Kote® 54®.

Cost Effective Solution
On new and recycled platform construction, CeRam-Kote® 54®’s major cost advantage comes from labor savings by using CeRam-Kote® 54®’s one-coat, two-pass system in contrast to the typically used three-coat systems.

In addition to direct costs in platform maintenance programs, other costs such as equipment rent, offshore transportation, crew room and board can constitute a major portion of the overall cost of a platform maintenance coating program.

CeRam-Kote® 54®’s direct-to-metal coating system provides a cost effective solution saving maintenance programs hundreds of thousands of dollars in direct and indirect costs.
Related Success Stories
CeRam-Kote® 54® solves related problems and can provide documented results in related industries.
  • Coated over 14,000,000 feet of Oil Country Tubular Goods since 1985.
  • Coated vessels and piping, both O.D. and I.D., upstream and downstream in the Oil Industry.
  • Coated surfaces which barnacles can not penetrate.
  • Coated wear surfaces on the gundeck of a seismic ship.
  • Internally coated pipe providing Teflon-like lubricity with efficient fluid flow in hostile working environments.
  • Served as shopprimer on a floating storage unit (FSU) deck, doors, hatches, structural elements, winch, fire water system, valves, manifolds, lines, equipment and steel piping. A final coat of CeRam-Kote® 54® served as the topcoat upon structural completion. The FSU serves as a holding station for oil in the North Sea.


Engineered Mechanical Properties
CeRam-Kote® 54® is a thin-film spray applied and air-cured ceramic epoxy coating engineered to provide superior abrasion and corrosion protection.

Due to its superior mechanical properties, ease of application and faster turnaround time, CeRam-Kote® 54® is used successfully in the Offshore Platform Industry.

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